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Organic Hand sanitising spritz; not just for hands

Since releasing our organic hand sanitising spritz I’ve being contacted by many people telling me alternative uses for our amazing spritz. I wanted to share them with you, because as you know, sharing is caring! Also, it all helps in our fight against covid and other viral and bacterial infections that spread through our communities. 

A spritz on  car keys, mobile phone, steering wheels, handbrakes, door handles, light switches and all those touch points around the house and car kills any viruses that may be lurking in our vicinity. 
Our sanitising spray can be used to clean out your handbag, and straps etc that we touch and use every day! Computer keyboards where we know nasties lurk can be cleaned right up with a few sprays every day of our spritz, and the computer screens etc..
In public bathrooms a few sprays can be used to clean toilet seats, taps and door handles, really anywhere where you might feel viruses and bacteria may be lurking. 

Finally, we were told that due to the essential oils it has worked a treat to keep midges and flies away while out hiking and camping in the summer months! 

Naturally, it doesn’t hurt that it smells lovely, so we can sanitise surfaces, keys, mobile phones etc while enjoying the scent of beautiful, organic, essential oils! #HappyHygiene