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Natural Botanical Perfumery


I’m Niamh, a trained Natural Botanical Perfumer and working Mum of two; John is 8 and enjoying school & Pokémon and Kitty is 4 and is cutting her teeth at early life.

We live in Sherlockstown along the banks of the Grand Canal near the village of Sallins, Co. Kildare.

We enjoy family time in the company of ‘Percy’ our resident pheasant, 'Buzzbe' our one year tabby cat, a growing family of buzzards, a pair of canoodling barn owls, a colony of busy bees, a coop of laying rhode island red's aka “the girls” and many lively wild rabbits."


Niamh O' Connell


"Ours is a story familiar to many: small things have a big impact.

It was Christmas 2015 and I was beginning maternity leave with our baby boy John.
Scent and smell have always played a key role as part of my life experience- you know the ones; for me it’s my Granny’s brown bread just out of the oven, a dewy morning in Spring, well-worn leather of an old car, beachy sun-kissed skin, a cup of earl grey tea or better still my baby’s face on waking. I decided to follow this olfactive yearning further by retraining as a Natural Botanical perfumer. As the learning progressed, my love of fragrance grew and I made a promise to work in perfumery one day; a fragrant call of duty you could say.

In March 2019 I was awarded my certification in Milan from The International Perfume Foundation and Esmerelda Botanicals breathed life."


We are proud to be a part of the Guaranteed Irish Family and fully certified Organic by The Irish Organic Association.